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Doug is an artist born in Montreal (1965) and currently based in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. 
Doug's work is heavily influenced by the energy and movement of the urban environment. He is particularly drawn to the geometric shapes and patterns found in the architecture and infrastructure of the city. Each image can be considered a fragment of awareness, when added to the collective body of work, combines to form a single idea or thought.

There's a mystery in everything and everything is connected. 


Doug's work has been featured in numerous magazines and publications (online & in print) including: Travelglobe, Artwort, Seen Magazine,  Art Market Magazine, Lens Magazine, Art Reveal Magazine, Canadian Camera, Silvershotz, Dodho Magazine, Practical Photography, ND Magazine, PhotoED Magazine, POSI+TIVE Magazine, Noice Magazine, F-Stop Magazine, Float Magazine & The Modern Day Explorer.

Although Doug's work is created in the digital environment, the images captured and created are original scenes and does not incorporate any AI generative process to alter the composition of any image.

To see upcoming and unpublished work head on over to Doug's Flickr page...


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