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Fine Art Photography-Urban Photography-Architectural Photography-Award Winning Photography

Thank you !

.....for your interest in my artwork.


Art is not about seeking validation or attention.

Art is not about trend surfing

Art is not about convincing anyone of anything.

Art is not about status.


Art is not about beauty.

Art is not about suffering.

Art is not about perfection.

Ultimately, Art is about nothing.

The job of the artist is to challenge others to view the world differently.


I have spent 35 years in the construction industry and have had the pleasure of working on hundreds of projects and working with many talented engineers and architects.

Architecture and Urban environments are in my blood. Patterns and symmetries are embedded in my mind and the only way to express myself is to share what I cannot ignore, wherever I go.

My images are simply my observations that have been documented. The meaning of each image is totally up to the viewer to interpret.

Human beings have created many "philosophies". Philosophies are nothing more than fantastic explanations for things that cannot be explained. My images explain absolutely nothing. They are nothing more than self-expression.


My artwork, at its core, is about solitude and harmony with man’s creations, the urban landscapes and the mountains of glass and concrete.

Doug Caplan


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