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Fine Art Photography-Urban Photography-Architectural Photography-Award Winning Photography

Canadian photographer, Doug Caplan , has been practicing the art of photography for over 25 years. Doug's award winning urban and architectural photography, often captured with Doug's trademark photographic style of an environment devoid of human engagement, focuses on the abstract nature of the human experience - the residuals of existence.  



“They laugh at me because I'm different; I laugh at them because they're all the same” – Kurt Cobain.


In a nutshell, this is Doug’s philosophy on the art of self-expression. Life is nothing more than an illusion; a cosmic joke. All of us play the joke on ourselves and when we finally start to wake up, we marvel at the simplicity and nonsense of it all.

Doug's work has been featured in numerous magazines and publications (online & in print) including Art Market Magazine, Lens Magazine, Art Reveal Magazine, Canadian Camera, Silvershotz, Dodho Magazine, Practical Photography, ND Magazine, PhotoED Magazine, POSI+TIVE Magazine, Noice Magazine, F-Stop Magazine & The Modern Day Explorer.

Born in Montreal, Doug is an artist who is currently based in Langley, British Columbia




ND Magazine Interview

Art Reveal Magazine interview

(page 36 -41)

Canadian Camera Article

( Summer 2020 - PDF )

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